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Mo-So 24/7

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J&J Security offer a 24 hour/ 7 day a week alarm response service.Home Securitysml

More and more insurance companies are advocating the use of professional alarm services to remove risks from personnel and as a stop-loss in emergencies.

Traditionally, some organisations have delegated the task of alarm responses to one of their colleagues or staff, but this raises serious issues.

Our First Line Maintenance (FLM) service provides you with initial technological assistance to resolve basic requests.

Our qualified First Line Maintenance technicians and uniformed armed guards are able to complete the following range of duties:

  • Resolving ATM faults that require no parts or tools
  • Replacing consumables where required

For over 44 years J&J SECURITY has specialised in providing a comprehensive cash collection and change provision service in Griffith and surrounding towns in a manner that does not attract unwanted attention and without incident.

To summarise our service, our Security Officers attend your premises on the day/s nominated by you to collect the banking and then deposit it that same day for crediting to your nominated accounts. We can then deliver and change requirements back to your premises in a time effective manner. Do you have multiple sites and require transporting of valuables or cash between sites rather than or including bank? That also can be done.

Commercial Security

Security demands within the Commercial industry are varied and, in many ways, your needs may be unique. Whether it’s controlling access, protecting intellectual property, reducing internal theft, frontline security, combination services or safeguarding people and assets, security must be innovative, comprehensive and integrated to maximise its effectiveness.

Our staff can deal with CCTV, access control, fire detection and intrusion detection and building management systems. We also monitor visitor arrivals and departures, coordinate with officers on patrol, and respond to routine and emergency situations for our customer's.

J&J Security services many of Griffith’s leading companies, successfully addressing all types of security threats with specialised services and customised solutions.  The security challenges that we’ve addressed for our commercial customers need to be innovative whilst being cost effective where the solutions delivered fully meet our customers’ special needs.

J&J Security offers a comprehensive security package for construction and industrial properties, offering a full suite of services to ensure your property and equipment remain safe.

J&J can provide a guard service integrated with any electronic security solutions for construction works, or ongoing property maintenance.

Slightly different to our Security Guard service, this type of security involves a uniformed security guard helping to keep the peace and ensure your party, function or event runs smoothly. The length of shifts really depends on your requirements and budget. We can tailor a solution to meet your needs, however, our minimum shift length is 4 hours.

Event security is the use of guards to control crowds at large events or functions. The event may or may not involve alcohol.  

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Are you concerned that Security Guards may not understand or be trained in your after hours needs?

External checks not sufficient?

Concerned that the alarm could be a lure to get you out of bed and provide access to secured areas?

Keyholder Escorts are the answer. Used by all the big retailers this system enables the keyholder to do his or her job, while a security guard protects their welfare, insures checks are appropriate for the alarm and acts on any issues found. Charged the same as an alarm response fee, it fulfills a company's duty of care to its employees.


Need someone to hold a spare set of keys to your Residence or Business in a secured state?
  • Someone you can call on 24/7 when you lock yourself out.
  • Keys are kept secured with tags that do not identify the owners.
  • Do you travel abroad and need someone who can handle afterhours glazing etc. (We do not feed pets)
  • Have a house alarm?

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