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Mo-So 24/7

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Slightly different to our Security Guard service, this type of security involves a uniformed security guard helping to keep the peace and ensure your party, function or event runs smoothly. The length of shifts really depends on your requirements and budget. We can tailor a solution to meet your needs, however, our minimum shift length is 4 hours.

Event security is the use of guards to control crowds at large events or functions. The event may or may not involve alcohol.  

Event guards generally perform some or all of the following roles;

  • Keeping a list of invited guests to insure no gate crashers.
  • Check identification and log people’s attendance
  • Work with event coordinators to ensure the safety of guests
  • Co-ordinate in the case of emergencies such as evacuations
  • Provide for VIP’s.

Prior to the event or function, our Operations Manager will contact you to discuss any particular requirements and may visit the site to conduct a security and risk assessment.

  • Guards are issued with radios and bodycams (where required).
  • Guards are generally in full uniform and equipped with PPE if required. (Exceptions exist where a suit is more appropriate).
  • All guards are RSA qualified and when necessary carry approved proper person children’s check.
  • All guards are first aid qualified.
  • All guards operate under our crowd control insurance. Beware of companies without public liability insurance or without crowd control listed on their public liability certificate. Under current OH&S, liability can fall back onto the organisers if something goes wrong and insurances aren’t in place.

We do not offer a breathalyzer service for liability reasons. Please do not ask.

Event guards generally work 2 up for safety and liability. Minimum hours is 4 per guard.

We recommend as a guideline 1 additional guard per 100 attendees but this can vary according to the location and many other factors. In many cases the liquor licensing sergeant will specify what he or she feels is an appropriate number.


We don’t use heavy handed tactics, we aren’t overbearing and we aren’t there to frighten your guests. Our goal is to ensure your party is a success, avoid dangerous situations and diffuse issues before they arise. We’re also there to ensure that your neighbours don’t call in the riot squad when unruly guests start trampling on their rose garden!

Our licensed and trained security guards are also covered under our Public Liability insurance policy. Without a security presence you may be leaving yourself open to possible litigation should an incident occur. However, should an issue arise while we are around, your legal liability becomes severely reduced.

When the event is over, we can assist in shutting the party down to ensure your guests move on safely. We even keep an eye on people as
they leave, looking out for intoxicated guests about to get behind the wheel, people blocking roads and paths and causing dangerous traffic situations.

If you are worried about uninvited people causing problems, intoxicated guests starting fights, and you’d rather enjoy the night than spending it worrying about your house or the venue being trashed, NSR is the only answer to your Party, Function and Event security needs. NSR also offers a breathalyzer service where we can test guests before they leave the venue.


Our Party, Function and Event service is invoiced on an hourly rate.
Discounts are available for large functions requiring three or more security guards.

For private parties (birthdays etc), there is a two-guard minimum (for the safety of our security guards), and as a general guide, we recommend one guard per 100 guests.


If you have a question or want further information, please feel free to contact us!


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Unit 20 16-24 Whybrow Street Griffith NSW 2680 Australia

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