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Mo-So 24/7

02 6964 0886

Unit 20 16-24 Whybrow Street +61 2 6964 0886 0418 696 228 Info@jjsecurity.com.au Mo-Tues, Fri: 09.00 - 15.00

For over 30 years J&J SECURITY has specialised in providing a comprehensive cash collection and change provision service in Griffith and surrounding towns in a manner that does not attract unwanted attention and without incident.

To summarise our service, our Security Officers attend your premises on the day/s nominated by you to collect the banking and then deposit it that same day for crediting to your nominated accounts. We can then deliver and change requirements back to your premises in a time effective manner. Do you have multiple sites and require transporting of valuables or cash between sites rather than or including bank? That also can be done.

 We utilise security satchels with unique one time numbered security seals verified at departure and upon receipt insuring that the contents are not tampered with.

You can be sure of the integrity of your banking whilst in our custody because all collected cash is immediately secured inside mounted custom safes that are built-in to our customised unmarked vehicles.  These are fitted with CIT specific security devices, GPS tracking and comprehensive communication systems and custom fitted for the Cash in Transit industry. Externally they look like any other vehicle.  Of course, all money in our custody is fully insured.

Our receipt system is quick, simple and easy, meeting all requirements specified for Audit purposes and insuring that guards are on your premises for a minimum amount of time reducing staff exposure.

Benefits of J&J Security conducting your banking include:

  •         Economically viable alternative to employees conducting the banking;
  •         Convenience;
  •         Flexibility
  •         Reduced employee down time in non-productive bank visits;
  •         Improved security of cash; and
  •         Eliminate the risk to employees of being assaulted or robbed.

Assigning such an important and potentially dangerous task to employees is no longer an acceptable practice and carries common law, OHS&W and workers compensation risks.

For a number of reasons, some businesses may require a uniformed service & of course this can be accommodated. Prior to commencement of the service a full site and risk assessment will be conducted to determine the safest approach and method to complete the transactions for the safety of your staff and ours. 



If you have a question or want further information, please feel free to contact us!


Phone:  02 6964 0886    Fax:  02 6964 0059  Mobile: 0418 696 228

Po Box 1386 Griffith NSW 2680 Australia

Unit 20 16-24 Whybrow Street Griffith NSW 2680 Australia

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