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Proof of Service

In line with consumer expectations and consumer law, J&J Security has several means of supplying proof of service. It is natural to wonder what we do when most of the world sleeps.

Carding Up

The traditional way of showing our presence, putting tickets in doors and locks. It’s downsides are that it only shows that we attended site at some stage in a set period, and on a weekend the tickets go missing when drunken revelers collect them just to annoy everyone. Some clients are selective about what (if any) doors we card up to reduce the quantity of tickets drifting around the ground. Tickets will be around for a long time but aren’t really proof of service.

Patrol Dockets

In line with the security industry act and regs, every alarm response must be docketed, and the client must be notified. This can be by leaving a docket on site,  electronic attendance email or something similar. All dockets must be kept for 7 years.

Electronic Attendance Systems

J&J Security has been using Guard Attendance systems for over 20 years. Over the years the systems have got better, produce more data and become more efficient. The Code of industrial nfc tags ntag213Practice for Patrol Companies state that these systems are now a must, not an option. Every job site requires that we can verify our attendance etc.  We presently use an NFC based system capable of real time results. Paper based log sheets are no longer acceptable.

The system performs the following functions.UGX Intro

  • Time, date, location logging of all guards’ movements.
  • GPS Tracking backup. (in case someone moves a datapoint) with full mapping.
  • Electronic Forms – An alarm can be attended, and the results sent by email instantly. No need for the person getting the report to have to attend the business to see the results. Email also means the reports can go to as many people as you want.
  • Ability to include photos with the report
  • Results are submitted by the guard onsite, instantly. No further human intervention after the guard hits submit.
  • Need fridges or other critical infrastructures checked and real-time reporting? Ability to setup customized electronic checklists. Guard scans a tag, and form(s), checklists etc that are setup for the site appear. Electronics mean these forms and lists can be changed at any time.
  • Targeted checks. Critical points around your site can be tagged insuring that guards are checking everything, especially, when used in conjunction with the checklist feature.
  • Summary reports can be sent daily, weekly or monthly with copies of the original reports as attachments. Handy for organisations with multiple sites and multiple alarm history.
  • Information gathered by this system can be used in court as evidence as it is encrypted and cannot be tampered with.

Contact the J&J Security office on 02 6964 0886 to arrange your custom Proof of Service package.Hardware All


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